Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So this last weekend was our state fair here in Nebraska.  We all have a lot of fun, but this is pretty much how we all end up.  So tired that we will sleep anywhere, including a big pile of wood-shavings and 2 duffle bags.  For those unfamiliar with fairs, it is fun but a lot of hard work.  It may look like walking an animal around is easy, and at the end, it should be.  However, training a calf or cow to a halter is harder than what the show ring  shows.  They don't like something placed around their neck and ears, then trying to get them to walk is another issue.  They really won't go if they don't want to.  There needs to be trust that you are leading them not to hurt them and it takes a lot of practice.  Then the head must be up to show off cow's best assets.  Nice legs, straight back, walking uphill, and good teat placement are just some of the things a judge looks for.  It is such a good experience for everyone.  Learning patience, hardwork and commitment, and treating your animals right is what it is all about.  And fun, can't forget that!  In the end, we all hope for the big prize, like Supreme Champion, but there must be a loser to have a winner.  This year, in the Youth Show, Logan received Reserve Supreme Champion.  That's pretty darn good.  We are so proud of our nephews and nieces who show, and in a few years our kids will be old enough too.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Busy Times

     County fair, State fair, school starting, farm improvements, silage cutting(soon), it's very busy here on the dairy.  Why am I re-starting my blog in the middle of it all, you may ask?  Simple, because I am avoiding my preparations for all of the above.  But really, what better time to share all that goes on, on the farm?  The few months away from my blog have been eventful, with many tales to tell.  But for now, this first post on a new blog address is simply to let you know, we are still here just really busy. 
This is Ben and his Guernsey calf.  We took some photos for one of his
 Clover Kid project and this was one of his favorites.