Sunday, June 21, 2015

Unexpected Expansion

      As this is a blog about our life on our dairy, you probably think we are building some wonderful new structure for our cows to live comfortably in.  While we have done some new lots to accommodate our heifers, that is not what this is about. 
It's not the best photo, but as the tech stated, "he" was bouncing all over and this was all she could get.  No, we do not know it is a he.  We are probably one of the few who choose to be surprised on delivery day.  Olivia wants to know the worst, she is praying for a girl, of course. 
      I was done having babies.  Or so I thought.  Jason always wanted one more as he wanted 6.  I wanted 4, so 5 was a good compromise.  For almost 8 years this worked.  Then one time, I was "late".   Thinking that maybe I was of the age where things are changing, Jason laughed when I said I was going to waste his money on a pregnancy test.  Little did we know what that result would be!
     A little background on us, or me I should say is this:  in the past, we have not had good luck when it comes to pregnancy, especially in the early months and really especially when not knowing.  So to find this out, was a little sad as we thought we knew what the outcome would be.  We had 3 miscarriages prior to our first experience with fertility drugs.  Garrett was this first result.  A couple years later, we tried fertility again with another miscarriage and then a pregnancy with 7 babies.  We miscarried 3 and ended with our healthy quads, Grant, Olivia, Ben, and Alex.
     We have been very cautious from the beginning, trying not to get excited, or too happy.  Yes, after the initial shock, we can be happy for this not in our plans blessing. We are currently 18 and half weeks along with a due date in November.  Baby looks good on ultrasound, measuring just where it needs to be.  We are monitoring me because of my "advanced maternal age".  My doctor says after quads, one will be easy.  Well, carrying quads was not all that difficult for me so this should be a breeze, right? My hardest part is the heat of summer.  And continuing  with chores here on our dairy.  The doctor said it's good to stay active during pregnancy.  Well, I'm sure that will happen as it's summer and fairs will be here before we know it.
  I will end with a word of advice, never say never.  I have said this a couple of times.  The first was when I was 18 and my family quit milking cows, I said I would never milk another cow again, and God laughed!  Another was after having the quads, I said I would never have another baby.  God smiled because He knew His plans were not mine.  So if you are the praying kind, say some prayers for me and this baby, we will need them.