Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    Fairs, Friends, and Fall

      Is it Fall all ready? Where did the rest of summer go? I think of writing a  new post almost everyday and never get to it. Some of you may wonder where I have been, what have I been doing?  I will try a brief recap of the end of summer's and beginning of fall's events. 
     When last I wrote, it was with the big news of a baby coming.  Yes baby is still coming, and soon, as I have begun my own countdown.  That and the feeling of beached whale-dom that I seem to have.  I felt in my own mind I was doing "ok" but even my husband remarked I was "slowing down" a bit. Pregnancy has been uneventful in a good way.  Aside from the gestational diabetes that had baby too big at one point, we are good now. To the point of losing some pounds but still healthy.
     County fair came and went with all 5 kids showing animals.  Garrett showed dairy cows and dairy goats.  He has made much improvement from last year. We could see real growth in him. The quads all showed as clover kids for the last year.  I love that my kids love animals and want to show.  Next year we look forward to all being in 4H.

Next up was the start of school. Garrett officially began a year in which his math confuses me to a point I trust his homework is good.  Or otherwise known as 5th grade.  Grant, Olivia, Ben, and Alex are in 3rd.(I can still do their math)
Shortly after this, state fair arrived. This is one of our favorite times of year. Some may call it a vacation, but really we work harder than if we were at home.  We love seeing old friends that only state fair brings around plus meeting new friends who visit us in the dairy barn.

Our milking shorthorn, Hershey, received the honor of Reserve Supreme Champion. We decided to pursue a dream from last year of attending World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. Hershey was shown there as well. While she did not win, was 12th out of 16 in her class, it's easy to say there are no bad animals there! They are all top notch, beautiful and to show with them was huge.  It was so encouraging to see so many people in the dairy industry in one place.  Sometimes  a person needs that validation that he is not alone in this profession.
I hope you all enjoy this recap, even if it is a bit long.  Stay tuned for next time, perhaps it will be a baby post!