Monday, March 19, 2018

So after 2 plus years, I am making the time to write a little on our blog.  I would like to say it's because I've not had time, which is mostly true. but it's also about not making the time. I'm hoping to become a little more regular in my writing.
Kids are growing, and calves are becoming cows and spring is a day away! I wish I could say our dairy is thriving, but these are tough days we are living in right now and hope they pass quickly. Perhaps the biggest change on our farm is the arrival of Geronimo, our great pyranees puppy.
 He's cute, right? This was just days after we got him back in November. When he was shy and quiet and wouldn't come out of his kennel. Now he runs the farm. We had our last dog for over 13 years so getting a new one that fit us was a challenge. Since it had been so long, I had forgotten some of the puppy stage. Well, I remembered most of it. Like they chew on everything, poop in the yard, bad manners.... I think it's a little like childbirth, you forget the pain of it because you'd never have more if you remembered. This is Mo. At this point, I don't know which one of us will win. It's not looking good for me, as I've given up (for now) and just leave whatever he's drug into the yard alone. He chews on everything. EVERYTHING! Tree limbs, not sticks but limbs, are in various places. He unplugs things, like tank heaters. (which in the middle of winter is not good). And the seats on kids' bikes? The cover, the cushion, gone, one he even has off the bike. And don't take off your gloves. I'm thinking he is right pawed, because I am missing at least 4 and they are all right hands. Brush from push broom, calf record tablet, water tub, boots, toys, and yes, the unavoidable dead raccoon have made it to my yard. Thankfully, he moved the coon. Probably hid it somewhere to bring out the next time we have company. Just today, he drug the 2 gallon jug of fly spray out. And he is just nice enough to dig some holes in the grass for the cats to use as port-a-potties. His favorite item to drag around, though, is an orange cat. I feel bad for this cat, as I've tried all I can think of to make Mo leave him alone. But short of a housecat, nothing works. (and there will be NO housecat)
     This photo is recent. Still cute, right? In spite of the naughty things he does, he's still a pretty good dog. He gets along with the kids, except Henry. I'm pretty sure he'd like to drag him around like the orange cat. He's just too friendly and playful for him right now.   But there is nothing like seeing your kids bend over and grab his big, fluffy face and talk to him and know they are friends for life. And you know, Geronimo is pretty lucky to have this many humans to love him.


  1. I love this photo of Geronimo surrounded by the kitties!

  2. He's so so sweet!!!! Love the kitties, but am thrilled to see you writing on your blog!!!!