Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I've decided to try something new.  At least for me it is new.  I am hoping to do a short post, perhaps every other Wednesday, called:  "What is it Wednesday?"  I am hoping to create a post to get more feedback.  So if you are in the ag industry and know, great.  If not, I hope to enlighten you on things that are going on at our farm. The above photo is the one I selected first.  This is what the ground looks like after the hoof trimmer has visited.  All those shavings are actually the cows' toenails.  We like to say they are having a manicure, but it really is a simple process of cutting and shaping the cow's hoof.  If there are heal warts, we apply medicine for healing and then wrap that hoof.  If foot rot is present, an antibiotic that is safe is given.  If an absess is noted, foot is blocked on the good half to help sore side heal and then wrapped.  We all know what having sore feet feels like.  My husband even has new empathy for those with an absess as a year ago he got one on his foot and felt the pain!  Keeping ours ladies' feet healthy is just one thing we do for them.

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