Thursday, March 19, 2015

My What is it Wednesday got pushed a day late this post.  Really, though, wasn't it worth it?  To many of you, this looks like some cute little jersey calves.  If you look closer at the ear tags, you will notice an A and a B.  This means they are twins.  They were born yesterday about noon.  Mama cow was in active labor for a good hour and a half before Jason got concerned and went in to feel around.  Normally, our vet tells us at preg check who has twins.  These little girls were unexpected.  He came back with 4 feet and one head near the exit.  So after a little maneuvering, he got the front feet and pulled when she pushed and "A" was born. While I was getting her to breathing and shaking her head, he went in for the 2nd heifer.  Following the same steps, "B" was born.  They were a bit small, but that's normal for twins.  Both are doing well today, drinking and bothering the other 2 calves that are with them. 

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